The World Chinese Economic Forum was successfully held in Malaysia

This annual forum was held in early November 2018: based on the “One Belt, One Road” initiative of the Chinese leadership, aims to strengthen connectivity and business ties between China and Southeast Asia and China and Europe; and to promote global and regional dialogue.

The Chairman of CIAC, Mr. Edmond Yeo JP, was invited to be one of the Guest Speakers at the forum.
Edmond’s topic was – “City and Urbanization – Reshaping Real Estate Development.”

Edmond reckoned the social environment and political pressure is the real challenge brought about by rapid urbanization.

For him, the “smart cities” may not be “so smart” after all, because this social imbalances would lead to a huge gap between rich and poor. Community friction will inevitably appear in these communities.

Edmond mentioned that we should not establish a selective ideal and expensive property cluster in the name of “urbanization”, in the name of social progresses and their value.

He advocated that the central government, in conjunction with local governments, should ensure and improve the quality of life for urban populations, and be responsible for people’s health and safety and the protection of the community’s environment. This is not only the connectivity of the infrastructure, but should also include enough schools, hospitals, transportation networks, affordable housing and a more environmentally friendly urban environment. It can effectively strengthen the social cohesion and integration, addressing social problems positively.

He wishes the real estate developers can build a more sustainable and inclusive future smart city through effective and rigorous planning review with the trend and pace of urbanization.

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