The Chinese Information and Advice Centre (CIAC) is a registered charity – Reg No. 800646 -and social enterprise that offers free information, advice and support to disadvantaged Chinese people living in the United Kingdom.

The Centre has over 30 years of history supporting Chinese people who are often limited by language/cultural barriers to access mainstream services.

Although based in Westminster, our service users and beneficiaries come from all over London (and some from other areas of the UK). We are committed to the effective implementation of our equal opportunities, anti-racist and anti-sexist policies and our advice service is provided free of charge to individual users.

We act as the voice of the Chinese community on issues affecting their daily lives. Throughout the years, we have publicly led on local, social and consultative issues that matter to our community.

We campaigned, and still are, against the high number of gaming establishments in and around London Chinatown and Soho areas. Other campaigns include anti human trafficking which has detrimental consequences such as modern slavery and prostitution.