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Hi guys!
I know the brigade is trying to recruit more black and ethnic minorities.
The problem is that a lot of the black and ethnic minorities don’t get far through the rounds of the recruitment process. Approximately 50% of BAEM fall out.

I can help because I can send people to application workshops and give them all kinds of help or even be a buddy in helping them through the process etc.

If you’re interested in being a firefighter 👩🏾‍🚒 please holla at me so I can assist you.

For your information:

  • We work 4 days on and 4 days off… you’ll know your schedule for the next 20 plus years of your career as it is fixed.
  • After you get through the initial recruitment you will be for training which last for 11 weeks. After training you get assigned a fire station.

-Pay.. you get paid during training approx £1500/£1600pm
When you start working at a fire station for approximately two years pay will be £28,000 therefore after tax and pension you’re taking home approximately £1500 or £1600.

After two years of completing the apprenticeship your pay increases to £35,000 after pension and tax you get paid approximately £2100.

Holla if you’re interested in being a firefighter 👩🏾‍🚒 whether you’re a:
Teenager From 17.5 years old you’re eligible
to join.
If you’re colour blind like me … you can still join.
If you’re old like me when I started which was 37 years or even like the oldest person I have seen join 45 years old (as long as you’re fit and able to prove you can do the job.

If your short you can join
If you are tall you can join
If you’re super fit or not super fit you can join

You will be surprised 😮 who is eligible to apply.

Thanks 😊 for listening.. please pass this on to whoever…my name is
JUDE 07957623651.

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