FREE Vaccine Jab in Chinatown 流动疫苗接种服务 27/05/2021


First of all, thank you all for your trust in the Chinese Information and Advice Centre. To protect the health of the public, many went to London Chinatown on 27th May to get a free vaccine jab. We promoted the mobile vaccination service hosted by Westminster City Council and the NHS. The event had been changed from 26th to 27th May and that had caused some disappointment because people had asked for leave from work and could not be rescheduled. On the 27th May, a large number of members from the Community came to Chinatown. The organisers, the Westminster City Council and the NHS, completely underestimated our needs; although we had repeatedly asked for more support for the project, they could not meet the number of vaccines nor the marshals needed to safeguard the service users. The Chairman of the Chinese Information and Advice Centre Mr Edmond Yeo JP, immediately called a meeting with the organiser Westminster City Council, and successfully fought for the mobile vaccine service to go ahead. This event certainly has its shortcomings, but it is reflecting to the government and mainstream society that the Chinese community has lack of social support and has lost trust to the government. The government should also be aware that this scene has been caused by the marginalised individuals from our Community who only want to have the vaccine which is their basic right and entitlement.

华人资料及咨询中心声明:首先感谢大家对华人资料及咨询中心的信任,为保障大衆的健康而跑到伦敦唐人街接种疫苗。我们这次为西斯敏斯特市政府及NHS宣传了他们主办的流动疫苗接种服务。活动由5月26日改成27日,当时已经让一部分的人失望,因为他们已请假,不能改期。到27日当天大批同胞来到唐人街,主办单位西斯敏斯特政府及NHS完全低估了我们的需求;尽管之前一再要求增加项目的支援,从疫苗数量到维持秩序的人手,他们都没法满足。而华人资料及咨询中心的主席杨庆权太平绅士立即与主办单位开会,成功爭取到疫苗,项目得以继续进行。这次活动当然有不足之处,但正正向政府及主流社会反映华社长期欠缺社会支持,对政府失去信任,被边缘化的同胞为打疫苗而导致这场面,政府决策机关也需要反思。 而华人资料及咨询中心亦会从中吸取经验,为同胞向政府反映,促请他们正视我们的需求,在不久的将来为大家再次安排更完善疫苗接种项目。谢谢大家给我们的回馈。

We are truly sorry for any inconveniences caused. CIAC is now negotiating for another WCC/NHS visit to Chinatown soon.

Thank you everyone for all your feedback.

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