CIAC launches Comic Relief funded SWAN Project

SWAN project is an initiative by CIAC. It aims to help the most vulnerable group in the community.

Safer sex Work Access Network (SWAN) is a safe and anonymous digital platform to provide help and information for Chinese women and girls who are at risk of violence and sexual exploitation. It provides practical information on health and wellbeing, safety, immigration and government policies.

The platform is on WeChat, the most popular social media app for Chinese speakers.  Vulnerable women can access immediate advice without revealing their identities in avenues of help that requires their physical attendance including recourse to medical and police authorities.

Information and advice will include Clinics access, Emergency numbers, Advice helplines, Shelters and warm meals, Rehab centres referrals and vacancies, Housing and benefits advice, Immigration and voluntary return information.

SWAN will be a way for women, who would otherwise rather isolate themselves from any form of help, to open up initially to the society. SWAN is a contingent avenue for its users’ immediate needs, while serving as a transition for women to gradually increase awareness of their options.

This project has been launched in October 2017 with funding by the Comic Relief.  We are hoping to raise more awareness of the welfare of this minority group and help them to reduce harm.

Please contact us for more information and project leaflet.   A pdf version is available here.



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