Official Launch of the 2nd China-UK International Music Festival (CUIMF)

The Official Launch of the 2nd CUIMF 2019 was held at the House of Lords on 23 January. The Launch was hosted by Lord and Lady Sheikh. It was well attended including Lord Cotter; Executive Chairman of CUIMF, Music Director of Queen Mary University Prof. Paul Max Edlin; Honorary Co-Chair of the CUIMF, Mr. Edmond Yeo JP from the Chinese Information and Advice Centre and Mrs Sherry Kuei from British Institute of Traditional Chinese Culture; Prof. Ji Wei of the Central Conservatory of Music, Prof. Michael Foyle of the Royal College of Music, Ms. Wang Beibei, percussionist of the Royal College of Music, renowned soprano singer Ms. Wu He, and Ms Jana Riedel, Director of the Department of Culture and Art at Queen Mary University.

The 2nd CUIMF is co-hosted by the Chinese Classical Instruments Studio (UKCCIS) in collaboration with Queen Mary University of London and the Confucius Institute at SOAS London. Its aim is to promote the cultural exchange between China and Britain. Ms Wu Mengmeng, founder of UKCCIS, stated at the Launch that this is an honour to have the support from the local well-known musicians and international and domestic folk music leaders stand on the stage of the CUIMF.

Activities include music competitions, master lectures and concerts.

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