Chinatown Boost – Nickie Aiken MP visits London Chinatown!

The Chinese Information and Advice Centre (CIAC) has been serving the Community for 38 years. Last Friday, CIAC hosted a London Chinatown walk about for Ms Nickie Aiken MP and Ward Councillors Cllr Tim Mitchell, Cllr Louise Hyams and Cllr Mark Shearer. This is the first time the local officials visited London Chinatown since the pandemic lockdown.

When the pandemic hit, Chinatown was first affected by it. It was encouraging to see that diners now sit outside the restaurants with the cultural streetscape after the successful campaign to temporarily pedestrianise Soho. Restaurants staff are there to provide guests with a safe and hygienic dining environment. The MP and Councillors had visited more than a dozen restaurants and Chinese supermarkets and listened carefully to their idea.

However there are still challenges ahead. The Chair of CIAC Mr Edmond Yeo, JP added. “We are liaising with the police to express our concerns for the needs of increased police visibility to ensure the safety of the staff and customers.”

为唐人街加油!国会议员Nickie Aiken到访伦敦唐人街!

华人资料及咨询中心38年来致力服务社区。上周五更安排了国会议员Nickie Aiken和区议员Tim Mitchell, Louise Hyams 和Mark Shearer到伦敦唐人街为中小企业加油!



当然唐人街仍面对一定挑战,华人资料及咨询中心主席杨庆权太平绅士补充说,“我们现积极向警方反映我们的意见,增加警力以保障客户和员工的人身安全” 。

為唐人街加油!國會議員Nickie Aiken到訪倫敦唐人街!

華人資料及諮詢中心38年來致力服務社區。上週五更安排了國會議員Nickie Aiken和區議員Tim Mitchell, Louise Hyams 和Mark Shearer到倫敦唐人街為中小企業加油!



當然唐人街仍面對一定挑戰,華人資料及諮詢中心主席楊慶權太平紳士補充說,“我們現積極向警方反映我們的意見,增加警力以保障客戶和員工的人身安全” 。

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