The World Chinese Economic Forum was successfully held in Malaysia

This annual forum was held in early November 2018: based on the “One Belt, One Road” initiative of the Chinese leadership, aims to strengthen connectivity and business ties between China and Southeast Asia and China and Europe; and to promote global and regional dialogue.

The Chairman of CIAC, Mr. Edmond Yeo JP, was invited to be one of the Guest Speakers at the forum.
Edmond’s topic was – “City and Urbanization – Reshaping Real Estate Development.”

Edmond reckoned the social environment and political pressure is the real challenge brought about by rapid urbanization.

For him, the “smart cities” may not be “so smart” after all, because this social imbalances would lead to a huge gap between rich and poor. Community friction will inevitably appear in these communities.

Edmond mentioned that we should not establish a selective ideal and expensive property cluster in the name of “urbanization”, in the name of social progresses and their value.

He advocated that the central government, in conjunction with local governments, should ensure and improve the quality of life for urban populations, and be responsible for people’s health and safety and the protection of the community’s environment. This is not only the connectivity of the infrastructure, but should also include enough schools, hospitals, transportation networks, affordable housing and a more environmentally friendly urban environment. It can effectively strengthen the social cohesion and integration, addressing social problems positively.

He wishes the real estate developers can build a more sustainable and inclusive future smart city through effective and rigorous planning review with the trend and pace of urbanization.


楊主席的議題是 – “城市與城市化 – 重塑房地產開發”。




CIAC Woman Volunteer of the Year Award 2018

CIAC ‘Woman Volunteer of the Year Award’ and ‘CIAC Volunteer of the Year Award’ 2018

The Award Ceremony took place at the House of Lords on 30th October 2018. Many congratulations to the Winners Ms Ping Huang and Ms Ke Hui Foong.

Our remarkable guests including but not limiting to the Lord and the Lady Sheikh, the Lord Cotter, Dr Paul Knapman DL, The Lord Mayor of Westminster Cllr Lindsey Hall, local councillor Cllr Tim Mitchell, and Counselor Lu Haitian from the Embassy of the People Republic of China.

The Chairman of the Chinese Information and Advice Centre, Mr Edmond Yeo JP, mentioned that this year is the fifth year of this event. It aims to recognise the contributions of volunteers who are using their expertise to give back to society and benefit the Chinese Community. This event also encourages more people to participate in volunteering activities.

出席嘉賓不乏城中政要, 包括女皇代表Sheikh勳爵及夫人、Cotter勳爵、Dr Paul Knapman DL、西敏寺市長 Cllr Lindsey Hall、地區議員Cllr Tim Mitchell 及中華人民共和國駐英大使館盧海田參贊及王宵巍領事等均參與當天的盛事。
華人資料及諮詢中心主席楊慶權太平紳士席間提到今年已是舉辦此活動的第五個年頭,旨在表揚志願者的貢獻, 及鼓勵更多人參加志願活動; 利用自己的專長回饋社會,造福華社。
英國上議院Sheikh勳爵及夫人、One Westminster、評審團(One Westminster 代表Ms Jackie Rosenberg, Ms Catherine West MP, Cllr Louise Hyams 及 Ms Mei Sim Lai OBE, DL)、主持人Ms Sivagami Vinayagan、Ms Alexandra Boulton、表演者Mr Alan Chan、Ms Zoe Zhang及英國華人合唱團;友好團體及人士: 英國華人參政計劃、北倫敦華人協會、 東亞銀行、英國華人論壇、中國站、Mr Robin Misir、Mr Desmond Tang、Mr Richard Wu、Mr Jin Li、Mr Kelvin Ng、Ms Ann Regan (如有遺漏敬請見諒)。

CIAC ‘Volunteer of the Year Award’ 2018

Finalists 入圍名單

Ms Amanda Low
Anthropology graduate from UCL, Amanda is passionate about the values of societies in the past and present. She started volunteering at CIAC 3 years ago and is involved in a variety of tasks ranging from carrying out researches, and helping woman victims of domestic violence.
– 加入CIAC 3年。剛畢業於倫敦大學人類學系。對古今的社會價值議題充滿熱誠。在CIAC協助資料搜集及參與婦女支援項目。

Ms Lity Zhang
Lity joined CIAC as a volunteer 3 years ago. She is dedicated to support the team and works hard to support the clients who are victims of domestic violence. She always goes above and beyond her responsibility to ensure a quality service delivery. She represents CIAC at the monthly ‘Walk-in’ surgery for the North London Chinese Association.
– 加入CIAC 4年。積極參與志願服務,支援家暴受者。為求提供高質服務,努力增值現定期代表中心出席北倫敦華人中心每月一次的諮詢服務。

The Winner 優勝者

Ms Ke Hui Foong
Ke Hui is a law graduate from King’s College London and is currently pursuing her legal career in Singapore.
She started volunteering at CIAC four years ago and is involved in a variety of tasks ranging from interpreting for clients and acting as the first point of contact for woman victims of domestic violence. She has also engaged in various pro-bono project including the Personal Support Unit.
– 加入CIAC 4年。畢業於King’s College London 法律系。現正在新加坡實習。在CIAC為使用者翻譯,及協助家暴受害者。曾在其他義務機構如法庭的 ‘個人支援單位’ 提供免費援助。

CIAC ‘Woman Volunteer of the Year Award’ 2018

Finalists 入圍者

Ms Leona Leung
Born and raised in the UK, Leona is a local Birmingham community leader. Her voluntary service started at the early age of 11, Leona found her own Chinese schools at the age of 26. The school organises monthly events for the community. Being young and passionate, she is the teacher, role model for many young people. She is keen to promote then importance of positive community engagement at an early age. She raises culture awareness and advocates integration, inclusiveness and equality.
– 在英國土生土長,目前是伯明翰社區的領導者。她的志願服務開始參與11歲,在26歲時創立了自己的中文學校。學校每月定期提供社區活動。年輕而充滿激情,她是許多年輕人的導師,榜樣。她熱衷於提倡從小時候就積極參與社區的重要性。她提高了社區的文化意識,倡導融洽、包容和平等。

Ms Monita Hung
Monita began volunteering in the early 90s. she has been a member of the Lions Club International and an active core member with the Chinatown Lions Club. She fundraised for UK Federation of Chinese Schools (UKFCS) in turn supported teacher training for their member schools and enabled students to take part in their organised Chinese cultural events. She liaised and supported various communities with disabilities and volunteered at various activities. Her active roles in the many activities has inspired many Chinese to become volunteers.
– 90年代初開始做參與志願工作。她是國際獅子會的成員,也是倫敦華埠獅子會的活躍核心成員。她曾為英國中國學校聯合會(UKFCS)籌集善款,支持其成員學校教師培訓,鼓勵學生參與中國文化活動。她聯絡並支持各種弱勢群體,並參加各種志願活動。她在許多活動中的積極激勵了許多華人成為志願者。

The Winner 優勝者

Ms Ping Huang
Ping, one of Executive Members and Vice Chair the UK Association for the Promotion of Chinese Education (UKAPCE) for nearly 10 years – a non-profit organization, founded in 1993, devoted to developing the teaching quality in the UK. She is passionate about the educational needs of young people and promoting inter educational and cultural activities between the Chinese and the host communities in UK. Ping has also been very active in promoting community relations through organizing academic activities.
– 英國促進中國教育促進會(UKAPCE)執行委員和副主席近10年。UKAPCE是一個成立於1993年的非盈利組織,致力於發展英國的中文教學素質。她對年輕人的教育需求充滿熱誠,促進中英社區之間的跨學歷和文化活動。通過組織學術活動她還積極推動社區關係。


倫敦華埠商會 8月15日與倫敦警隊會面。商會主席鄧柱廷OBE表示將與警隊建立常規溝通機制,定期會面,加強溝通,預料九月將會舉行首次正式會議。他表示:七月五日移民局及警隊在倫敦華埠粗暴執法,當日的警員主要由區外抽調到場,對華埠情況欠缺了解。華人一向奉公守法,希望透過定期會議,加強警民合作,改善關係。



華人資料及諮詢中心主席楊慶權地方法官表示: 警隊迅速道歉,並與華人建立溝通機制,顯示警方對華人的重視。希望日後的會議能制訂清晰的目標,並切實執行改善的方案。他又呼籲移民局儘速完成相關的調查,作出道歉,早日還英國華人一個公道。

London Chinatown met with local police to discuss a plan to start a focus group on policing. The first meeting is expected in September. CT Tang OBE, Chair of the London Chinatown Chinese Association explained that he hoped the regular meetings with the police will help to build trust and understanding.

Edmond Yeo, Chair of the Chinese Information and Advice Centre hopes that it will lead to real changes. The Chinese community wants to work with the law enforcement officers, and it is important that operations are carried out in a professional and respectful manner.

Chinatown was shut down completely to protest the discriminatory conduct of immigration and police officers during and following a raid by immigration officers on a restaurant on Thursday 5th July 2018, which resulted in a deaf Chinese woman being taken to the hospital. Since that incident, the Chinese community has been seeking dialogues with the Home Office and the Metropolitan Police to address their serious concerns.

SAVE FRANK – 三百熟客助倫敦華人咖啡檔聲援示威

伦敦华人王淼经营咖啡档养家十五年,地区政府怀疑与多方联手向他施压,欲把他赶走。当地居民及咖啡档熟客深感不忿,早前为他发起签名运动,8月8日星期三晚把行动升级,近三百多人举起救救法兰克(SAVE FRANK) 的示威牌,希望为王淼(英文名是法兰克FRANK) 取回公道。

众多华人包括华人资料及谘询中心主席杨庆权、保守党地区议员候选人潘凤娇及华人自民党创始人锺映翠均参加了示威。当地市长比格斯(John Biggs)也是咖啡档的常客。他也参加了示威,并表示会帮忙争取让王淼留在原地经营。

华人资料及谘询中心行政总监胡沛成表示: 伦敦近年来地产市道向上,住宅及商舖的租金亦不断上扬。地方政府为图利租出摊档旁空地本无可厚非,但不应租给同样以卖咖啡为主的Chiringuito餐厅,更不应使用欺压手段,把档主赶走。

胡沛成表示: 星期三是Chiringuito的新张晚会,当地居民发起示威希望社会关注事件,为华人咖啡档主取回公道。这次示威主要由咖啡档的熟客发起,证明当地居民十分喜爱他的咖啡和多年来友善的服务,其中还包括当地市长。他呼吁华人发挥团结力量,一方有难,八方支持,一同声援华人档主。

华人资料及谘询中心主席杨庆权表示: 中心为此事已再三到咖啡档了解。档主英语能力有限,却以良心经营,咖啡吸引众多当地客人,让他可以依赖收入养家。现在因为多次被借故驱赶,生意受严重影响,更面临被关闭困境。档主目前十分担心焦虑,健康亦大受影响。

杨庆权表示: 这次示威既有当地挺身而出的英国人,也有不少华人特意前来声援,十分难得。他指出:王淼的咖啡档不但是简简单单的卖咖啡,更重要是与当地居民建立的感情。他不但每一日给顾客送上关怀,天气冷时更为露宿者送上热咖啡。社会上需要更多这样的良心和爱心,绝不应把他驱赶。

这次示威亦获得黑人投票行动创始人伍利(Simon Wooley)的支持。伍利表示: 地方政府的做法十分不合理。档主多年勤苦工作养家,却遭遇种族歧视,被欺凌驱赶。他说透过群众力量可以给地方政府压力,为档主讨回公道,继续在原地经营。

咖啡档位于伦敦东区Bethal Green地铁出口,业主是伦敦交通局。旁边的空地属于Tower Hamlet地方政府,已丢置多年。咖啡档多年来向隔邻教堂租电,十五年来一直相安无事。



Re London Chinatown 5 HOUR STRIKE


1200 Chinatown On Strike Starts 
1230 Assembly at Newport Place
1300 March Starts
1430 Arrive at Home Office
1500 End of March
1700 Chinatown Re-Opens

The Protest is organised by the London Chinatown Chinese Association. Supported by the Chinese Information & Advice Centre, Monitoring Group/MinQuan and Chinese Groups all over the UK.

Chinatown to host 5 HOUR STRIKE to protest against Heavy-handed Immigration Fishing Raids

On Tuesday 24 July 2018, London’s Chinatown will witness a complete shutdown of all business premises including restaurants and shops.

At 12 noon, whistles will signal the beginning of a protest led by business & community leaders together with community activists and workers. The action will last for 5 hours and will also include a peaceful demonstration to the Home Office in Westminster.

The closure is in response to the discriminatory conduct of immigration and police officers during and following a ‘fishing raid’ by immigration officers on a restaurant on Thursday 5th July 2018. Not only were staff members at the restaurant treated with unreasonable aggression and handcuffed, a deaf and mute woman who started a peaceful protest by lying on the road was manhandled and nearly run over by an immigration van. When community leaders tried to intervene peacefully to calm the situation they too were treated with contempt and threatened with arrest. Finally, after two hours, the protesting woman was taken to the hospital and the area declared a crime scene, partly to disperse members of the public who began to complain about the behaviour of police and immigration officers.

There are other serious concerns that need to be answered by the authorities: They include:

* Why did the raid take place days after a roundtable meeting instigated by immigration officials to engage with the community and to build trust & goodwill with the business & community leaders?

* Why were the community concerns raised at the meeting ignored so blatantly?

* There are serious questions about the legality of the fishing raid: we now know the immigration officers left a notice (under Section 179 of the Licensing Act) in the targeted restaurant without explaining what it meant.

* However, licensing enforcement is the responsibility of the Local Council and not of the Immigration Department. We seek urgent clarification on whether the trusted Warrant procedures will now be abandoned.

* Why did the police disregard the protesting woman’s safety and welfare, given her serious disabilities?

London’s Chinatown is a vital component of London’s economy and a major tourist and cultural attraction. Its members have the right to be treated with respect and dignity and will not tolerate aggressive or discriminatory behaviour from enforcement agencies.

Mr CT Tang OBE, Chair of the London Chinatown Chinese Association urged everyone to join the protest on Tuesday 24 July 2018 to demand justice for Chinatown. He explained, Immigration officials have been citing Section 179 of the amended Licensing Act 2003 in their recent operations in Chinatown. Many restaurants feel this new provision, by the Immigration Act 2016, is a way to bypass the “Warrant” system which has been in place for many years. Many fears that without the courts to approve the warrants, immigration operations will no longer be subject to proper checks and balances.

Mr Edmond Yeo JP, Chair of the Chinese Information & Advice Centre says, he will RETURN the Commendation Letter from the Immigration Department of the Home Office if it can be established that the Immigration van had deliberately hit the elderly woman on July 5th. Yeo was devastated by this unfortunate incident and said that the Chinese Community would be determined to get to the bottom of this unfortunate incident. He feels that the authorities must engage with the community more to ensure such like incidents would not be allowed to happen again to stoke the catalyst of emotions, negative feelings & sensitivity of the community!

London Chinatown to host Public Forum with the Home Office

London Chinatown to host Public Forum with the Home Office (32A Gerrard St. London W1D 6JA).

The event is jointly organised by the Chinese Information and Advice Centre, the London Chinatown Chinese Association and the Overseas Chinese Service Center in London for the local community.

The event is supported by the British Chinese Project and the Home Office.

There is no admission fee and places can be pre-booked on 0300 201 1868 or by email at