CIAC 7th Woman Volunteer of the Year Award: 1st Runner Up

Alice Yu (DJ Alice), an experienced DJ at the Spectrum Radio, works tirelessly to help her community members create success in their lives and to grow personally and professionally through her radio work.

She organised events like the Chinese Elderly Awards to showcase their lifetime contributions to the society. She has also worked with the Met police to launch a recruitment drive targeting young Chinese to join the police force.

The Chinese Youth Radio Programme is her way to give back to her community. It has since grown into a community for people to come together through their service and work for a better future. Over the last 12 years, 600 youths have completed the Programme successfully.

Alice has worked voluntarily for the British Chinese Project since 2006, with the goal to demonstrate the potential and positive power of using politics to solve everyday struggles and challenges.

Alice’s professional radio work has helped the Chinese community to voice their views and opinions, whilst keeping in touch with their culture and roots.

資深媒體人。長壽華人電台節目主持人。多年來協助社區群體從個人及專業角度上取得成功的發展;包括表揚長者及鼓勵華人年輕一代加入警隊。 她更透過電台成為一個協助社區迎接一個更好的未來。從2006年起參與華人參政計劃,鼓勵華人透過參政發聲。她幫助華人社區表達自己的觀點和意見,同時與他們的文化和根保持聯繫。

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