New Release 12 June 2021 Pop-up Vaccination Centre 流动疫苗接种活动

News Release 12 June 2021 : We are delighted that the 2nd Pop-up Vaccination Centre organised by the Westminster City Council & the NHS were able to administer the Vaccination to everyone who had turned-up @ St. Anne’s Church Dean Street SoHo today. We are pleased to confirm that The Chinese Information and Advice Centre (CIAC) is now finalising the details of 3rd Pop-up Vaccination Centre in Chinatown / SoHo in the next week or so. We are awaiting confirmation of the Pfizer Vaccine for 25 to 39 years old. We are now accepting pre-bookings on behalf of Westminster City Council & the NHS. Pls call CIAC 0300 2011 868 or WeChat CIAC82 during normal office hours 10 am – 6 pm Monday-Friday.

新闻稿 2021 年 6 月 12 日:我们很高兴由威斯敏斯特市议会和 NHS 组织的第二个流动疫苗接种中心能够为今天到来伦敦苏豪圣安妮教堂的每位接种疫苗。我们很高兴地确认,华人资料及咨询中心 (CIAC) 正在敲定下周左右在伦敦唐人街 / 苏豪开设的第三次流动疫苗接种中心的细节。我们正在等待提供给25 岁至 39 岁的辉瑞疫苗确认。 我们现在代表威斯敏斯特市议会和 NHS 开始接受预约。 请在日常办公时间周一至周五上午 10 点至下午 6 点致电 0300 2011 868 或微信到CIAC82。

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